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Club One


Margot Cabinet by Promemoria

Vans Old Skool ‘White on White

the one person i wish i could talk to has forgotten me.
i have no idea how to take this, or the rest of my life. it’s all so fucked.
how did i get here? i’m so scared. this really isn’t my life.

i miss iesha. she was the only person who could help me, my only ever best friend and she’s gone. she just stopped talking to me, was i not there for her?
i’m pretty sure i fucking saved her life. and where is she now?
but isn’t this always the case? everytime i make someone get help, make them come out with their issues/depression they end up just leaving me behind. and it’s like… well is no one going to urge me to come out about my issues? is no one going to be there to tell me to get help?

because i’m so fucking scared. i’m so fucking lost. i’ve literally got no one. no one. not one person i can tell anything even remotely personal to, and this is not exaggerating. i’m fucking alone. completely alone.